My name is Fab, I paint in watercolour and ink.
In my paintings I combine motifs from nature with geometrical shapes and patterns and explore the dialogue between nature and human made.
As humans we are drawn to nature. We are a part of it and look at it, study it, immerse ourselves in it.  
Humans imitate shapes and patterns that exist in nature (square rock formations, round fruit, repeating flower petals) but the result is distinctively man made. Maybe it is too straight or too repetitive to be “natural” anymore. 
I find myself exploring that dialogue through combining natural objects (flowers, birds, human body) with bold, distinctively placed shapes or patterns in my paintings. 
I paint the natural subject using black ink to create a sketch or minimalistic abstraction. When adding colours I use splattering and “windswept” paint as a reminder of the life that inspired the paintings. 
I contrast the colour and natural growth with bold, black patterns or shapes which are a reminder of the constant presence of humans and the influence they enact over nature.
 A representation of the chaos of nature in dialogue with human executed order.